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We’re in business for one simple reason: We know trucks.

In 1983 we opened our doors as a small International truck dealer in Alexandria, Louisiana. Today Timmons is a household name in the industry. How did we get here? To those unfamiliar with the Timmons family, it can sound like a fairy tale. The truth is it took 30 years of hard work and thousands of gallons of elbow grease.


Locally-owned and family-operated, Timmons Truck Center has grown into one of the best International truck dealers in Louisiana because of an unwavering passion for anything that hauls, dumps or lifts. In three decades our first-class truck mechanics have seen it all – and fixed it.

We take care of our trucks, our customers and our hard-working diesel and truck mechanics. That’s how you build anything worth holding onto. That’s how we built Timmons.

Call Timmons Truck Center today for the best parts and service of any International truck dealers in Louisiana!